Posted by: Tamer Atya | August 17, 2009

How to Choose the right rug for your space

Today I read this article and I think it is very useful for you

MAC Carpet custom printed area rugs, mats

MAC Carpet custom printed area rugs, mats

“We are all familiar with certain types of rugs and carpets that are available for the home.  At least I hope we are; but for those of us who may not be knowledgeable about all types of rugs and carpets, here is a list of some of the more common varieties, along with some suggestions for their use.

• Wall to wall carpet is exactly what it says. There are hundreds of combinations of weaves, color, and quality.  Wall to wall is installed onto a tack strip that is nailed along the perimeter of the room.  The carpet is stretched onto the tack strip where it remains fast.  Then the excess is trimmed off leaving a comfortable, easy to clean, soft environment for the family room, bedrooms, or playrooms. For the best durability in wall to wall, check out berber or shag-berber.

• Oriental or Persian rugs.  Authentic oriental rugs are made by hand in countries such as Turkey and India. The Persian rug is specific to Iran. Believe it or not, a used, or antique, Iranian hand woven rug can be the most expensive of the lot. Persian carpets are so well made they are handed down from generation to generation. So if you plan to invest in Persian rugs make sure you have someone in the family to leave them to. Also, be extremely careful when buying Persian rugs because there are many simulated varieties on the market that are sometimes passed off as originals. It takes at least two people to make a Persian rug. Therefore, you will be able to pick up subtle differences in the pattern from one side to the other. This should be a clue to the rug’s authenticity. You could decorate every room of your home with Persian rugs and you would have the mark of age old elegance.  Persian rugs can even be purchased as runners and installed on a staircase using brass tread stays.

• Braided Rugs. These rugs are beautiful, and durable. They will always come in either a circle or an oval. One downside is that they tend to catch crumbs and dirt more than most other rugs. They are generally chosen for areas where food is not served. They will almost always be made of wool, so be careful when you store them because moths will have a field day within a rolled wool braided rug, and you won’t know it until you unroll it someday and find a section missing altogether.

• Southwestern area rugs. Handmade Southwestern area rugs will contain Southwestern colors, designs, and figures. They may use subtle desert tones or vibrant bright colors depending on the design. These Southwest rugs are perfect for a kitchen, bedroom, living room, sun room or family room. Some Southwestern rugs even lend themselves as wall hangings.

• Tibetan Rugs are rare, but if you ask about them when you visit an oriental rug dealer he may be able to show you one. They are great conversation pieces. In Tibet the smaller versions are used for meditation.

• Indoor-outdoor carpet is used around patios, pools or in pool houses. It is great material for outdoor porches and even outdoor stairs where you may want to minimize slippage. Indoor-outdoor carpet is sometimes used in kitchens; but if you decide to go in this direction you are asking for trouble because the carpet, although an inexpensive way to cover an old floor, is going to absorb grease, odors, spills, and possibly mildew that will only be extricated by removing the rug altogether.

• Custom cut sculpted rugs. These can be made to match and compliment your décor in a thousand ways. The essential ingredient of these rugs is a plush pile wall to wall carpet that is joined together using differing colors and patterns, then sculpted into designs according to the artist’s creativity. These rugs can be both area rugs or wall to wall. They are absolutely stunning in a contemporary setting such as a dining room or living room.

• Area rugs cover all rugs that do not connect to the wall. They can be placed over top of wall to wall carpet to enhance the design or to protect high traffic areas from excessive wear.  They are often placed over wood floors to lend accent and beauty to the textures of the room. Area rugs can also be a focal point of the room. Area rugs also include throw rugs, shag rugs, rattan woven mats, hooked rugs, and bathroom mats.”


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