Posted by: Tamer Atya | April 6, 2009

Good post about carpets benefits and What Carpet Can Do for You

What Carpet Can Do for You

Carpet is something that is still very popular, even in today’s brand new homes. Out of all of the floor coverings that are bought each year, more than half of them are still carpet! When compared to all of the other types of floor coverings on the market today, carpet offers far more benefits to the consumer.

No one wants to have their bare feet hit a cold tile floor in the morning, and kids don’t want to sit in the floor and watch television on a cold, hard surface, which is where carpet comes in. At the bare minimum, most people prefer to have carpet in their dens and bedrooms, just for their own warmth and comfort.

You may not realize it, but carpet also helps insulate your home better as well. The better your home is insulated, the less energy will be required for heating and cooling, meaning that you will save money on your monthly utility bill, which is also a big thumbs up for carpet in my book!

A lot of injuries occur in the home from people falling on slippery, wet floors, especially children and seniors, and with carpet, this danger is completely eliminated. Likewise, it can protect those little knees of babies learning to crawl as well!

Since carpet acts as insulation, it can also help reduce the noise level in your home as well. It cuts down on the noise made from people walking back and forth through the house, as well as any sound that may travel in from outside.

Carpeting can also cover up any damages that may be visible to the floor underneath, and can even hide floors that are uneven, if they are dense enough. If you don’t have time to repair your floor, which can be a major undertaking, carpeting can be another, easier solution!

At one time, no one really liked the idea of having carpet in their home because they thought it was hard to keep clean, and would stain easily, but that really is no longer the case. There are few compounds that can be spilled onto your carpet that can’t be removed in some way, so don’t stress about it overmuch.

Another myth is that carpet can make allergies much worse, and in some cases that may be true, but rarely. In fact, carpets if taken care of properly can help trap allergens in the air, relieving many common allergy symptoms.

Carpets are versatile, and can be used in basically any area of your home. You can carpet your stairs, your walls, and even posts in your home if you wish.

It is easy to incorporate your carpet into your decorating scheme, whether you want it to blend in, or be a focal point. There are so many different colors and patterns today; you can easily find what you are looking for.

Carpet is often much easier on your wallet than many of the other flooring options, and is typically a lot more durable as well. Even if you have someone install it for you, you will still come out much better than you would if you had chose to do hardwood or tile.

Many carpet companies also offer warranties on their carpets, which means you’re your investment is protected, another great reason why you should go with carpet in your home!

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