Posted by: Tamer Atya | December 16, 2008

What do you know about area rugs styles?? (Part 4)

In this series posts we will talk about all rugs styles

19- Navajo Rugs:

Authentic Navajo rugs are made by members of the Navajo Nation, which spans parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. It is one of the largest artistic communities in the United States.
Navajo rugs are a timeless investment. They’re still hand-woven on wooden looms by talented rug artisans, using time-tested techniques. Most Native American rug artists use historical themes, patterns, and colors, just as their ancestors did.
Handcrafted Navajo rugs are strong, made to last, and they’ll look great anywhere in your living space (even mounted as a wall hanging).
A typical Navajo rug design uses basic geometric blocks, jagged-edge shapes, and a host of earthen colors. Rose, terra cotta, tan, brown, white, cream, turquoise, and corn yellow abound, as do helixes, mesas, and “storm” shapes. Some of the more elaborate rugs also incorporate pictographs and petroglyph animal designs, or symbolic representations of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

20-Outdoor Rugs:

If you have a fantastic garden spot, gazebo, or even a simple set of lawn chairs, having a cushy rug at your toes can add that certain touch of style and charm. Since these rugs let you make sort of a fashion statement for your outdoor environment, they need to hold up well under extreme conditions.
Outdoor rugs are typically crafted of olefin, nylon, or acrylic blends – all of which are highly resistant to water, wind, dirt, mildew, and fading.
Most of the outdoor rugs are power-loomed or machine-woven, for an extremely tight, almost indestructible body.
These rugged rugs are perfect anywhere and most wipe or wash clean easily. They’re also manufactured in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to decorate everything from a tiny porch to a huge outdoor room.
Accent rugs, area rugs, huge floor rugs, runners and ovals are all over the market. Any shape you need, you can get. Don’t forget to toss one by the picnic table or add one near the hot tub. You’ll get plenty of compliments and your pampered feet will thank you.

21- Rug Runners for Halls:

Rug runners for halls are long and narrow, usually 2 to 3 feet wide and 5 to 10 feet long, sometimes longer. The long, extended rectangle is ideal for hallways and narrow passages, opening up a whole new world of decorative possibilities.
Rug runners come in a wide range of materials. From super-soft wool and silk to sturdy acrylic, nylon, and olefin. There’s earthy jute and rich blends of rug materials. Fancy shag and fluffy sheepskin. Whatever the look and feel of your home, there are rug runners for halls that will match the look.

22- Rug Runners for Stairs:

Much like the hallway runner, rug runners for stairs are smooth, sleek, colorful, and designed for comfort and fashion. These extra-long rugs are ideal for breathing new life into a tired old stairwell, or adding “bounce” to a hard set of steps.
Rug runners for stairs are tightly woven using wool, nylon, synthetics, or material blends with a smooth (but not slippery) feel. The flexible flat weaves are resistant to damage, stains, and fraying, and they look new for years, even in areas of heavy traffic.

23- Sheepskin Rug:

By their very nature, they’re 3-dimensional, adding luxorious height to the floor surface of the spaces they adorn. They are carefully crafted to strict, traditional methods, ensuring a beautiful product and years of charm. With a superior feel and a refined look, nothing adds an elegant touch quite like a natural puff of huggable sheepskin.
A true sheepskin rug is a natural skin taken from New Zealand sheep, so no two are ever exactly alike. They always guarantee powdery softness, though, so stepping into one is like walking across creamy white cumulus clouds. Your feet will thank you. Sheepskin is naturally thick, fluffy, and dense (they have to keep the sheep warm, after all!) and no synthetic rug can quite capture its look and feel. They’re popular in colder climates where having cushy rugs is both practical and attractive. They’re ideal for use on any floor surface – ceramic tile, vinyl, and wood or wood laminate.

24- Southwestern Rugs:

The term “Southwestern Rugs” refers to two major types of decorative rugs on the market: authentic Native American designs and modern Southwestern themed rugs. Both are beautiful and look great with many types of rustic or contemporary décor, offering great flexibility in price and style for the home decorator.Traditional hand-worked Native American rugs are loomed by the Navajo as well as the Hopi and Zuni Native American Tribes.
They are usually hand-woven using techniques mastered centuries ago, often on a wooden loom. Many rug buyers enjoy collecting Native American rugs that have been crafted by famous rug artists, or by specific tribes.
They offer incredible versatility, a stunning range of traditional (and newer) color schemes, and they’re softer on the pocketbook.
You’ll find traditional block and line prints, mesas, helixes, and scores of other Indian designs, worked gracefully into rugs of wool, cotton, nylon, olefin, and polyester.

25- Stair Tread Rugs, Kitchen Chair Pads and Trivets:

Many people are pleasantly surprised to find out that they can get stair tread rugs along with kitchen chair pads and trivets to match a braided area rug. This makes it possible for people to convey the look and feel of their favorite braided rug into other aspects of their home decorating.

A stair tread rug fits neatly on a step to provide a desired look as well as comfort and safety. These rugs are as practical as they are decorative. Speaking of safety, it’s a good idea to secure the rug to the stair with double-sided tape.

Stair tread rugs come in oval or rectangular shapes and the size is 8 inches by 28 inches. They can be purchased individually or in a set of 13 stair tread rugs, which is the standard number of steps for a typical residential staircase.

Whether you call them kitchen chair pads or dining chair pads, they’ll certainly add comfort as well as a decorative touch to your chairs. The comfort aspect is especially appreciated by families, including my own, that use the dining table (or kitchen table) for family discussions or playing cards in addition to gathering there for meals.

26- Throw Rugs:

Throw Rugs are a home decorator’s best friend. They’re fun and a snap to use anywhere. They add a pinch of personality and a dash of style to any spot in your home! Whether you’re rolling in dough or budget-minded, you’ll find plenty of these kind of rugs ready to make your home a showcase. Beautify your floors and watch your home design ideas come to life.
Many throw rugs have the distinction of being two-faced. No, they won’t talk behind your back when you’re at work – but they do lead a double-life. Many work as both throw rugs and throw blankets, so they’re perfectly at home on the floor or on the furniture in areas such as the guest bedroom or the den. And, with machine-washable being a common feature, they’re a snap to clean up.

27- Zebra Area Rug:

zebra area rug adds sass to your space. The contrasting black and white stripes are bold, fearless, and fun — and ready to show that you’ve got the same type of personality! Go ahead, add a safari-like look to your kitchen, or a splash of the exotic to your master bedroom. These rugs aren’t afraid to be what they are, and they can take your humble décor to wild new limits.  Zebra area rugs are found in three straightforward styles. There’s the classic safari hunter type, which resembles a real cut zebra skin rug, complete with irregular, rounded edges and curves. If you’re hoping to prove you’re a hunter of acrylic zebras, this is the rug for you



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