Posted by: Tamer Atya | December 15, 2008

What do you know about area rugs styles?? (Part 3)

In this series posts we will talk about all rugs styles

14- Children’s Area Rugs:

your child’s room doesn’t have to be boring! Forget plain flooring and drab décor. Forget worrying about watching the kids ruin expensive accents.
Children’s area rugs can be found in every style from pastel color blocks to Mary Kate & Ashley fashion rugs that are full of personality
You can also find modern rugs, designer rugs and rugs for learning. Interactive rugs that look like little villages are a kid favorite!

15- Custom Made Area Rug:

A custom made area rug can offer something for everyone — from businesses looking for corporate branding to households trying to find a runner that fits their extra long hallway. The opportunity to order a custom made area rug can fill many needs, including specific color scheme requirements, layout problems, and sizing issues that standard rugs just can’t tackle.

16- Floor Rugs or (area rugs):

Larger than an accent rug, yet smaller than a full-room covering, the typical floor rug is a wide area rug designed to cover larger portions of the floor. They can be room centerpieces or dining table pads, or sometimes a lead-in to the stairway or main entrance. Use rugs to highlight a master bedroom or set the mood in a sitting area. These versatile floor coverings are the workhorses of designers everywhere and they’re available in a vast selection of colors, styles and materials.
Floor rugs are most often used to beautify a room, or to lend an extra dimension to an interior design.
Rugs are also commonly used to help protect flooring from stains and wear. Hardwood, fine carpet, or similar flooring sometimes needs added shielding in areas of high traffic. A good quality rug can provide added interest and much-needed protection for your beloved base flooring
Floor rugs are available in an equally astounding mixture of materials and weave styles, from collectable hand-knotted Persians to machine-woven economy rectangles and rounds.
Materials for floor rugs include wool, silk, cotton, polyester, bamboo, sea grass, nylon, faux fur, cotton rag and synthetic silk. Often, two or more materials are combined for blends.

17- Handmade Rugs:

Handmade rugs have been the hallmark of the floor covering industry for centuries, providing beautiful collectables to families from rug-makers around the world
Hand-tufted is one of the most popular of the handcrafted styles, offering a unique blend of patterning and all-over thick softness. Like hand-tufted rugs, hand-hooked rugs use a similar process of looping. Hand-looped rugs add character and dimension and often come in a variety of solid print colors (although many are also patterned). Hand-woven rugs are another type of handmade rug. They often call to mind traditional Navajo rug smiths, carefully looming a colorful pattern on an antique wooden loom. An image like that is fairly close to reality.

18- Indoor-Outdoor Area Rugs:

Stylish. Durable. Fun. Affordable. The indoor-outdoor area rugs of today are all that and more! They’ve revolutionized outdoor decor and they’re perfect for your home’s “inner-self” as well!
Indoor-outdoors area rugs are strong and versatile. These rugs are made to last. They can take a beating from barbecue weekends, wind, rain, and playtime. Most are constructed of highly stable man-made materials (like Olefin, a type of polypropylene). They’re fade resistant, washable, and have an almost indestructible surface that is soft, yet sturdy. They look and feel like the type of rug you’d use right in the living room (and, in fact, you can), so your outdoor areas become warm and inviting
Many people love using them in high-traffic areas, stain-prone spots, or areas where pets play or sleep.

to be continued……


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