Posted by: Tamer Atya | December 2, 2008

What do you know about area rugs styles?? (Part 2)

In this series posts we will talk about all rugs styles

9- Accent Rugs: A Floor’s Best Friend
From racecars to roses, accent rugs let you add character to all of those hard-to-decorate small spaces in your home. Toss one in front of the sink or by the sofa and you’ll delight in the rug’s color and usefulness. Rugs are a floor’s best friend, not to mention how much home decorators like them. A rug allows you to add personality to any spot in a matter of moments.

Accent rugs are the mainstay of interior designers. You’ve seen them in every décor magazine, gracing the likes of modern kitchens and country baths. These handy little rugs tend to be in the 3’ to 5’ range, perfect for almost every type of use. They’re popular for use in entryways or to highlight a certain area of a room. They can also be used in places where there is high traffic to help minimize damage to the underlying floor.

10- Animal Print Rugs: If you like rugs, but don’t know much about animal print rugs, now is the time to get acquainted!

First of all, when is the best time to think about animal print rugs?

When your home décor is plain and your furniture and color scheme beg
   for more personality.
When your living room needs a finishing touch that brings the entire
   room together.
When your lifestyle demands a decorative feature that will give you a
   splash of the exotic.

In situations like that, no common rug pattern will do the job, so forget the Persian rugs and floral rugs you see in everyone else’s living room.

11- Animal Rugs: animal rugs are all the rage. Whether you buy one for the kids’ rooms, or your wet bar, animals are “in” and they make a hip statement on any type of flooring. Go ahead, grab a few and give your home an adventurous feel.

There are many types of animal rugs on the market. From refined to funky, there’s something that’s sure to make your heart pound with excitement.

12- Antique Rugs: antique rugs are the highlight of a home decorator’s dream. What could be better than a beautiful collector’s piece that has withstood time and still looks great? While most antique furniture pieces become brittle and fragile with age, many older rugs are still rugged and fearless—a tribute to their excellent craftsmanship. Whether an antique rug is displayed proudly on a wall or used reverently in the main dining hall, its unique character and timeless value will stand strong.

The term “antique rug” actually blankets several rug production categories. Some rug houses consider pieces that are 25 years old or older to be “antique.” Others require a rug be at least 60 years old, or older, before gaining the title. “Antique rug” also refers to a contemporary style of rug re-makes, which precisely copy patterns, pigments, and techniques from existing antique rugs (usually museum pieces), allowing them to be used with ease in the modern home.

13- Bear Rugs: when some people think of bear rugs, they might be thinking of actual bearskin rugs, which are often a big-game hunting trophy. That type of rug certainly falls into the category of bear rugs, but there’s much more to it whenever the words bear and rug are used together, as you’ll soon see.

The bear is one of the mightiest creatures in the animal kingdom. Many Native American tribes have revered this majestic creature as a source of power, courage, strength, and health. Other groups call them spirit creatures and centers of earthly vibrations – magical beings that roam the forests. Whether you believe in animal magic, or if you just love Winnie the Pooh and Smokey Bear, bears are fascinating and alluring to millions.

Even though bears are immensely popular, it’s difficult to have one as a pet! Imagine the clean-up. The food. Your furniture. So, if you can’t have a bear of your own, what’s a bear lover to do?

Fortunately, there’s an easy (and attractive) way to have the mighty bear in any room of your home, without endangering your lifestyle (or theirs).

to be continued…….



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