Posted by: Tamer Atya | September 17, 2008

Your Carpet and Your Personality Type

When it’s time to choose the right carpet for your home, look in the mirror. If it reflects a room with unattractive floors, it’s definitely time to get a nice new carpet. Once you’ve decided that for sure, though, look at yourself. The type of person you are determines what lifestyle you lead. The lifestyle you lead at home determines the best carpet for your space.
Choose the personality profile that fits you best, and find the right carpet for you:
The Entertainer
Are you checking your reflection on the way out to the next cocktail party? Soon it’ll be your turn to host, and you’ll want a carpet that will stand up to traffic from minglers and wallflowers alike. A sturdy level loop cut pile carpet can handle high heels and high traffic without wearing down. Look for stain-resistant nylon carpets in darker colors to camouflage spilled wine, or be prepared to institute a clear cocktails only rule.
The Parent
The pitter-patter of little feet will be blessedly muffled by a carpeted floor, but that doesn’t mean your worries are over. Shop around for carpets that are thick and textured enough to mask footprints, like frieze or multi-level loop carpeting. Kids’ rooms are also a good place to consider large, room-spanning area rugs. You can find area rugs with kid-friendly designs like cartoon characters, and once they’re past the cartoons and spilling everything stage, their room will still have a great stain-free carpet underneath.
The Homebody
If your home activities include channel surfing, reading under the lamp, and reveling in the glorious quiet, then you can have your choice of carpeting. Cut loop pile carpet is great for informal areas like dens or living rooms. If you want a cushier walk from the recliner to the fridge, try Saxony plush carpeting. Reading rooms look great with lighter carpets to pick up the sunlight, and a deeper-colored carpet in a den can bring a cozy feel.
The Hedonist
It’s Saxony plush carpet all the way for those who value the good things in life. This thick, luxurious carpet is perfect for walking on barefoot, and it looks great in all areas of the home from formal to informal. Step up the luxe factor even further by getting your Saxony plush carpet in a pale, rich shade like beige or champagne. Hedonism doesn’t include a whole lot of cleaning, so make sure you get a carpet with the maximum level of stain resistance.


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