Posted by: Tamer Atya | September 17, 2008

Area Rugs ….. Floor Coverings AND Art for Your Floor!

Area rugs are a great way to enhance your home decorating. Rugs can add warmth and sophistication to your living room or an offbeat flair to your den. They’re perfect for padding a hardwood floor, or giving a stylish lift to your bedroom. Whatever your personal taste and decorating style, you’ll have a wide selection of rugs to suit your color scheme and your personality, as well as your budget.

Rugs are the workhorses of the home furnishings universe. They’ve been used for centuries in all types of dwellings from royal palaces to the tents of nomads. They’re ideal in today’s homes as well, offering their beauty and durability in our entryways, dining rooms, and living areas.

Many people (myself included) see rugs as more than just floor coverings; we see rugs as art for your floor! And why not think of rugs as art? After all, they come in all sorts of designs and patterns, including some you probably could not even imagine. And the colors – there’s no end to the possibilities!

Area rug is a generic term that might apply to almost any rug, but often refers to a rug that is 4 feet by 6 feet in size, or larger. Medium and large size rugs can be used as part of a furniture grouping or in the open area of a large room. These rugs are ideal as a focal point, an anchor for a sitting area, or under a dining table.

Accent rugs are smaller size rugs that look great in front of a bookcase, a fireplace, or in the kitchen. Another great spot for an accent rug is at the foot or the side of a bed.

Hall rug runners and stair runners are long and narrow and they’re used (yup, you guessed it) in the areas indicated in their descriptive names.

Traditional rugs are the elegant Oriental and Persian rugs that have been handmade for centuries with intricate detail. Their striking paisley and arcade designs are rich in color and history. They’re ideal for the homeowner wanting a touch of sophistication. Also, these rugs are the top choice for a rug that can be handed down as a family heirloom.

Some contemporary rugs have designs and/or colors that are bold, hip, artsy, or cutting-edge. Saying “anything goes” might best sum up such rug designs. Other contemporary rugs, such as shag rugs and braided rugs, have even wider appeal.

Transitional rugs are a wide range of rug designs that fit in between the traditional style of rugs and the designs of the contemporary rug style. Some of the more popular motifs of transitional rugs feature floral or botanical designs.

Even though some styles have been around for centuries, rugs have come a long way in recent years thanks to daring new combinations of design and color. Also, more people now have access to all types of rugs due to great online rug sources.




  1. Area rugs do create an environment within an environment in a large room by grouping funritur into smaller converstational areas.

  2. Thank you for your good comment

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