Posted by: Tamer Atya | September 1, 2008

How to take care of your Carpets and Rugs

Regular Vacuuming
Once your carpet is laid, vacuum lightly and frequently in the first week to remove surface lint, dust and fluff.

Continue to vacuum at least weekly to remove soil and grit. The quick removal of soil will reduce abrasive forces on the pile fibre. In heavy traffic areas, slow repeated vacuum strokes over the same area of carpet may be necessary. Always vacuum first against the natural direction of pile lay as this will slightly lift the pile and help unsettle and remove dirt and grit. When finishing, vacuum in the direction of pile lay to achieve a uniform finish.
Spot Cleaning: Do it Yourself
It is important to act quickly to remove any spillage before it penetrates into the carpet fibres and pile.

See Stain Removal Guide

The CIA’s How to Select & Care for Your Carpet booklet contains a stain removal guide listing some of the common types of stains and the steps recommended to remove them. More information on stain removal is available from reputable carpet retailers and anufacturers or, for detailed information, we suggest you get a copy of Australian Standard AS3733 ‘Textile floor coverings – Cleaning maintenance of residential and commercial carpeting’.
Powder Cleaning
Powder cleaners are suitable for freshening a carpet, and as an intermediate step between daily vacuum cleaning and periodic shampoo or water injection and extraction cleaning.

Generally, the power is applied to the carpet after vacuuming. The powder is brushedor massage into the pile and the carpet is vacuumed again. It is not necessary to remove all the powder as it can help to reduce further soiling.
Aerosol Foam Shampoo
Aerosol foam shampoo may be used for cleaning small areas. The foam is sprayed lightly on the carpet and worked in with a damp cloth, sponge or brush. The carpet is vacuumed once the area is dry.
Shampoo Cleaning
Shampoo machines are available for hire at many department and hardware stores, although we believe it’s advisable to employ the services of a professional cleaner. With this method of cleaning, shampoo or detergent is released from a tank on the machine into a brush. With the action of the brush, the liquid is worked into the carpet pile. The residues can then be extracted. Shampoo cleaning refreshes and deodorizes the carpet, and lifts the pile.
Hot Water Injection and Extraction (Steam Cleaning)
Hot water extraction cleaning is generally recognised as the best way to re-vitalize and deep clean your carpet. As a general guideline, steam cleaning should be carried out at 18 month intervals, depending on the wear and use environment.

Injection cleaning and extraction machines should only be used by a skilled professional. If not performed properly, a carpet can be over-wetted which can permanently distort the carpet pile and backing materials.
Carpet Cleaning: Professional Services
It is advisable to have your carpet professionally cleaned about every 18 months. Professional cleaning will re-vitalize your carpet and remove soil and other matter that has settled beyond the reach of routine cleaning methods. We suggest you use a company recommended by the carpet manufacturer or a company who is a member of a professional association.
Vacuum Cleaners and Carpet
There are two major types of vacuum cleaners: barrel cleaners and upright cleaners. Upright cleaners are particularly good as they usually incorporate a pile agitator such as a beater bar or revolving bristle strip that lifts the pile and facilitates the removal of dirt and grit. However, be careful with the agitator as over-use can damage the pile surface.

Barrel cleaners rely on suction removal only and most perform the task quite well. Some barrel cleaners now have power head attachments to agitate the pile in the same manner as upright cleaners.

Ensure the vacuum cleaner is kept in a sound mechanical condition and brushes are cleaned and replaced when worn out. Empty the dust collection bag frequently as the suction efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is reduced considerably even when the bag is half full.

Most cleaners now come with micro filter systems to ensure the fine particles (such as allergens) are removed and stay in the collection bag. If you are dust sensitive, make sure your cleaner has a multi filter and micro filter system. Ask your retailer what type of vacuum is best suited to your new carpet.
Source: Carpet Institute of Australia Website


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